Often called the sister label to No U Turn, Saigon was started as an outlet for experimental drum & bass productions by artists seeking their first release on vinyl. Many of the Saigon releases were recorded in the same studio that No U Turn records were made.

VortexProducer  - Wow! Even his first track was dark as fuck O_o!

Ball Delirium - good one

Tore124 - one of my favourite tunes ever!! Many memories man

Steppa money - banger!

Skeeza100 - timeless !!!!

FullFledged2010 - slick sound!

Daniel Prieto - Maybe this was the first d&b song I ever heard, when I was 5. And d&b is my favorite music genre

Zpeed of Zound - absolute killer

Fryintek - amazing tune 5 * * * * * Thanks!

Helge Vig - Dis is good!

Ben Vorbeck - yeah!!!!

Luke Dee - Ah Yh... This Era bought some memorable times... 

HackForce7 - excellent of my faves!!!

Channa Breaks - Sick tune!

Junglist1996 - Absolute Dark Roller... 5*****

Jayme Theis - this is a classic hard-step intro a la Lemon D, Dillinja style that forms into it's own voice and ruthless techstep roller. sickness

rdcreferent - Another sick one from back in the day.