No U Turn

No U Turn Logo

So strong was the power of jungle music when I first heard it, my interest in many other music styles simply faded away. It felt as if my brain had been rewired and there could be no way back to how I used to feel. Jungle music was from the streets and played on pirate stations located on estates.

I wanted a logo that was already in the streets to reflect this. The one way sign, the straight ahead arrow, felt right. No U Turn both encompassed the no return to the past feeling I was experiencing with the powerful new music of the time and it came from the streets of London and all over the UK.

Toby Brace, the artist responsible for the designs in the studio and a highly influential friend, pointed out that the arrow was one of the oldest symbols used by man. There would be no way back. No U Turn would be the identity for the music we were making and releasing.

Nico 2017