Luke Swales - Dark, sparse and cold the way jungle should be.  First heard this when I was 10.


Ben Poser - Sensational tune.


Ben Hajioff - phukkin classic

AmSE -rinse rinse rinse rinse

Tekno Borer - epochal really

John Syme - I remember buying this from 'Mash' on Oxford st 15 yr ago. Don't even know if that shop still exists. Anyway this one takes pride of place in my record collection, as do all the 'No U Turn' records from back in the day. The B-side 'August' is damn good too.

stjigpaf - omg at 3 min. the sickest break ever!!!!!!!!!! god f'ing damn blew my mind back to the big bang.


Nick Callaghan - Amazing

Nico - One of the heaviest bass lines to come out of the studio.

Joe Butler - Trademark NoUTurn. I was on their promo list back in the day, at their height, nobody could touch.

Jackie Onacid - groundbreaking for this genre of music...

ajwesty13 - This tune has 2 levels .. fierce and fking fierce

choppageworshipper -This makes dubstep sound quite lame in comparison- even 14 years later :-)

Sam Rogers - This is amazing

eric burgos -the whole shit is class, imo. the groove leading to the switchup is so, so good!!

Zpeed of Sound - killer

James Dennis - Acolyte. No U turn. I always thought I had an ear for music, but looking at the price on Amazon - I am obviously right. This is the pink floyd of d and b, particularlly 96 - 98. Nice. This is so serious if defies belief. Death bed status. Enjoy..... Booom 

Sam Bevan - xXLOVEXx 


lastmarine - If you were there, you were there.  If you were't then sorry these days are gone!  But fear not, you've stumbled across probably the best possible stop over for disgusting underground tech-filth in existance: D! Torque is unquestionable and completely timeless, No U Turn days are wrapped up into one neat little album.  Although there's plenty of massive chunes missing from the album, there's no better place to start.  Welcome to the darkside!

Sloofman -  One of the most brutal, exciting and angry pieces of drum and bass ever produced.  In my humble opinion the use of the word 'dark' in terms of modern drum and bass is wildly misleading.  Beats which vary from sounding like a zombie trudging through a swamp to a relentless amen underpinned by a twisting typhoon of bass, Ed Rush and company rather effectively described the despair and decay of grim inner city life (no pun intended) in the most exciting and exhilerating way possible.  Highly reommended listening after a bad day at work.

no_id - This 3x12" is simply one of the best records of my collection, all genres included.  Ambiences are f*cking enjoyable, heavy, nervous, all that in a subtle way (no flood/unnecessary noise). Darker and more penetrating than many recent or "harder" stuff.

monkeytek - still the best

techstepper -  The final word in techstep, this really is the ultimate collection of dark DRUM & BASS.  Every tune can be considered a classic, but stand outs have to be Lo and Damn Son, the latter in particular being a deliciously evil example of tension and release.  The delayed drop is a master stroke, the Reece bass possibly the thickest and most indulgent of all the No U Turn releases, the beats clatter and roll like being in a cement mixer filled with rocks. All in all, it's a fucking lethal album.

anthonyhemsley - The whole album was totally mental, and it still sounds that way 17 years later.  Epic stuff.

aphex187 - This shit will be playing when the apocalypse comes...

Zoltan Felker - Big big Classic:))

Ghie Gmecha Seg - this is a dnb gem!

Lindsay Fixx - Still have the album in mint condition vinyl!!  Only played the trax out a handful of times back in the day..  Absolute bangers!  Nuff respect out to the crew!

Tony Valenti - When Torque came out, and I got my copy from Tower records...I must've sat in my room for hours listening to the Ed  Rush mix over and over and over.  Talk about taking a ride into the future.  Fucking A.

weirdfish -has to be one of the best dnb tunes ever.

N - My neighbour threw a brick thru my window so he could hear this better! Long live Nico the No U Turn.

TheKraterz -Absolute fucking banger

Josh Hoos -might be the sickest sample of all time, might be my favorite jungle track of all time. man i miss no u turn tech step


bevlian89 - the bass on this one is minted, love it

Andri Már Arnlaugsson - Sick!!!


Zed Rahman - I bought this when it first come out, been breaking my neck regularly since. Golden age of drums. Flips side, Cells, was ok too!

Mr Mase - I have this on vinyl :) Awesome track...

Shie'ox Music - buy the vinyl


MarkusAudio - ryme tyme strikes again with one of his best and most loved of mine!! 10/10

Luke Dee - Ah Yh ... Sick Classic


M.L.N.R - Loved this tune

No fukin way, I have this on white label and never knew who it was by, but Sinthetix became one of my favourite producers of all time and now it makes sense why this promo hit my spot so hard! this is mega old and so futuristic at the time, original Neurofunk I would say if I was a genre geek (I'm just a dnb geek😉)

Necro 42X - The nastiest, most grimey DnB track of all time right here. They dont make it like this anymore..

eric burgos - Used to hammer this one

mr sir - Thank you for putting this up. Only the flip was hosted until now. My first vinyl purchase! Great tune - great era for music.

Timo Crompinen - I would have committed murder to get this record back in the day.


Rob Murray - On of my fav 12's


Kratos OfSparta - serious business!

Insouciance Incarnate - Uh this is fucking terrific.


Cut Man Doo - krushin the system

Josh Dunstan - Absolute business this