Nu Black

Nu Black was Fierce's idea. "Never mind white labels, we should do black labels!" he suggested with his typical enthusiasm. "That sounds great!" I replied, thinking the records won't even need a label, so will be cheaper to produce. It turns out black labels cost more than the white ones.

James Dennis - D & B right at the peak of it's game... long live no u turn

MiAmMiJah - This original twelve is what got me into dnb. All i heard before it was the jazzy side, which i didn't appreciate at the time. This blew me off my socks! Never heard of Ed Rush or No U Turn, it was just a mysterious black label. This was (and still is) the future of dnb to me.

chetrock1 - This straight shits on 99% of tracks now to date..Nico had it on a time machine and was fuck it im doggin these fucks.

Some Native Guy - hands down one of the most underrated dnb tunes of all time. truly a piece of art.

omaduskilas - This $hit is what I was born for..

Housesteppajuice - You will not hear another track darker and scarier than this.. It's the Hellraiser of all music!

ClaSS0101 - Still one of the best tune ever made.

WaxaccumulationtecH - Love this record! The Analog air and thickness is all consuming!

carth - reminds me of fight club

Vibes Antagonist - damn this one great track... just perfect. oldschool dnb ftw

Gerarge Obushma - Tune.

David Butlin - sick

Uber Ocelot - Absolutely primal