Touch & Nico

Nico & Break - All In

Originally produced in 2006, is officially released on Breaks, Dusty Demos album.


Pleased to announce the 2021 Remaster of Nico & Rukkus - Defender & Hyperspace by JTB Mastering - available for download now.

Nico, May 2021


Toby Brace

Toby Brace was a key contributor to No U Turn.

His enthusiasm for a song, a video, a film, quote or really any piece of art was infectious and often inspiring. Toby believed more in the future of drum & bass culture than anyone I came across at the time. He was very confident about the future of ‘our scene’.

In 1991, after hearing the music we were making, he spent 5 weeks painting the incredible murals on the walls of the recording studio. “Trust me. Your influences are "Blade Runner, Alien, Apocolypse Now, James Brown, Rock & Hip Hop said Toby, airbrush in hand. I’m going to paint that!” When I asked what the big black alien creature in the mural was all about, Toby replied: "Look out for the vinyl police Nico!"

He also created many striking artworks for the label with his Torque album cover probably known best.

Nico, January 30th 2019


A 174bpm homage to Hans Zimmer travelling by train through space, water and the microscopic world.

Password - TNT